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An interview with Kelly Farrell, our 2010 Back To School, Back To Style winner from Chicago!

We got a chance to catch up with 2010 Back to School, Back to Style winner Kelly Farrell from Chicago, IL, a 5th grade teacher at Higgins Community Academy, to see what's happened since her big makeover and appearance on the Martha Stewart show in September. Let's see what she had to say:

How have you enjoyed being a winner of BTSBTS?!
I have so enjoyed my school year being a BTSBTS winner! I especially enjoyed my time in New York and then getting to share my amazing experience with my students, school and family was wonderful! I teach kindergarten so they could not wait to hear all about their teacher's adventure! The opportunities that Jones New York and Adopt A Classroom has presented me this year has really energized me to be the best at what I do! What a great feeling and honor this has been!

Did the students and colleagues notice the new wardrobe?
THEY DID! Of course the first day back, fresh from New York I came to school a little more sassy! I wore one of my favorite outfits from my shopping spree and of course the hot new shoes! A much different Mrs. Farrell without the "comfortable" teacher look had emerged. My students noticed that I had "pointy shoes" and all the little girls loved my new look by saying I was "so pretty"! Gotta love 5 year olds! I have taken many of the super tips Lloyd gave me about feeling comfortable in my skin and have really enjoyed going to the closet and getting dressed!   

What have you purchased with your Adopt A Classroom funds?
I have purchased some much needed classroom essentials such as computer ink, paper, art supplies for the children and so on! I am planning on getting some extra books for the classroom library so the little ones have an opportunity to get their hands on some quality literature! They have loved, loved creating with all of the supplies and the parents have been able to get my weekly newsletters again thanks to the art paper and ink! I can't express enough what a blessing this was for my classroom!

Do you remember how did you felt when you were on The Martha Stewart Show?
NERVE RACKING!!!! I was so nervous!!! I have never ever been on television let alone anything this huge! The staff at Jones of New York, Lloyd Boston, Martha's staff and the hair and make up crew really put me at ease and made me felt like I was the "IT" girl of the month! It was so amazing!  We had such a blast! Everyone back in Chicago watched live and couldn't believe how calm I looked....little did they know! It truly was one of the best days of my life!!!

Being a kindergarten teacher keeps me pretty busy and on my toes! Creating new lessons and adventures for five year olds is something I absolutely LOVE! I am in the midst of creating my own teacher website and blog, something completely new for me and very exciting! I am so inspired when I am surfing other teachers' websites, they have given me the itch to do my own! I have now finished and achieved National Board Teacher Certification as well! Busy times!!!