Non-Profit Organization - Teacher's Corner

An Update On: 2007 Makeover Winner Diane Newton Prior and Sitton Elementary, Portland, OR.

How did the JNY Makeover impact Sitton Elementary and yourself?
The most amazing thing was that, not only was our school made over, but with the introduction of your local partners, Hands On Portland and they kept coming back to make over more! Different school and church groups come to spruce things up, for instance, our hallways are now painted bright and fresh colors! The Portland Trailblazers fixed up our playground/asphalt courtyard, and of course, all this helped boost Sitton's visibility and image. We've been blessed by all the many ways the makeover has touched so many kids and adults alike! The staff really appreciates the lunch room makeover- everything from the refrigerator to the carts and coffee pots. It was really a morale boost.

In the library, it was such a treat to start fresh. I've chosen to keep the focus on the books and keep clean lines and not too much clutter. Not only does this suit my personal style, but it is good for kids to keep things calm and NOT over-stimulate them. We still get "oohs" and "ahs" over the space- it is so serene!

Personally, I am still reaping the rewards of the clothing makeover. I still love my paisley corduroy blazer and my black raincoat. I have so many fond memories of all the great help I got at Macy's that day and afterward too. We’ve tried to keep our family budget tight with the recession and all those wonderful Jones New York pieces that are have such high quality are now valued even more than before.

Every day we still enjoy and appreciate the wonderful things Jones New York brought to Sitton, and even though we are a low-income school, we are doing our best to pay it forward. Thank you again for this dramatic and positive change: It has been non-fiction a dream come true!!